Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fernando M Munoz Find-a-Grave Memorial

Maternal Birth Ancesty

With the Memorials from Find-a-grave and the linking of them to, it has made it easier and possible for people to locate and see their ancestor's headstones and memorials.  It is very possible that we can not travel to our ancestral lands, and visit the resting places our ancestors.  So I am very grateful for the love of these volunteers that make this all possible.

I have been a contributor for Find-a-grave for almost 5 years now.  I have found it very rewarding.  I am not a top contributor, however, when I have spare time, I like to add memorials, or improve on the ones that I am managing.

Doing research on My great grandfather Fernando M. Munoz, the shaky leaf waved at me, and lead me to his memorial page on findagrave.  The birth year on his grave marker was not correct, and I figured they estimated the year.  This is one reason why an ancestor's headstone can not be considered proof of one's date of birth, death or sometimes name, as names can be misspelled.  As a family historian, one must have other supporting documents to substantiate what is written on one's headstone.  It is true that other documents that your ancestor has pertaining to their lives may be incorrect, however, it is important to analyze by making a comparison, noting the differences, and making a proof statement based on the analysis.

My great grandfather was born May 31, 1897, and died October 16, 1944.  So as you can see, the headstone has 1900-1944.  

I will be making some corrections to Fernando's memorial once it is transferred to me.  One of the things that one can do, is to make an inquiry to the cemetery office, and request information of who purchased the gravesite.  Most places will release this information, however, check with the cemetery for their rules for a request.  I have done this for a few ancestors in various cemeteries, so I know it can be done.  

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