Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Thomas S. Moore & Maggie Ruth Hawkins Wedding Certificate

My Descendants Paternal Ancestry

I happened to come across a wonderful resourceful blog site Gen Roots, and there was so much information as to where you can find records.  This site lead me to Cook County Records @  I went there because my mother-in-law was married in Chicago, Illinois, and I was curious if I could find any records available.  This is what I found!  I couldn't help  but show my children the wedding license of their paternal grandparents.  Thomas S. Moore died years before my children were born and before I married their son.  Maggie is still living, and she has been a wonderful mother-in-law.  Even though I am no longer married, I still call her "Mama Moore".

On another note...I thought Mama Moore is so similar to me.  She married a man that was 13 years older than her, like I did and she was 8 months pregnant when she got married, like I did...She married on January 31st, 1955.  A week before my x-husband was born.


  1. I am loving all this stuff you are sharing! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Thank you...I had been in a little funk for a while about blogging...I guess it gets like that. Thanks for the encouragement.