Friday, July 19, 2013

Final Day At The Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute Day #3

My final day at the Institute was memorable.  But before I go any further, let me tell you about a few of the highlights that also made my three days at the MAAGI grand.

I was very happy that I met many new faces.  I also met individuals that I had gotten to know through geneabloggers.

1. Thomas MacEntee, the founder of

2. Angela Y Walton-Raji

3. Bernice Bennett

4. Lisa B. Lee

I took pictures with these three ladies, however...I don't have a copy!!!

So!!!! If any of you see this page...please please please forward our keepsake photos. Thank You!!!

The other highlights were eating Food!!!

We went to Sweetie Pie's Kitchen, White Castle and Riggazi's Italian Restaurant.  All I can say is "Yum!"

So our final class consisted of "The Professional Genealogy Community: Genealogy Proof Standard to Social Media" by Angela Walton-Raji; Participant Response & Sharing Your Plans for the Next Level.  For the most part the last day was for the participants to decide on one thing they were going to do new and be ready to share what we have done when we come back for MAAGI 2014.

I found some time to steal away and visit one of the Gems of the Harris-Stowe State University.  I happened to discover within the Old Vashon building that there was a Jazz Institute!  I was thrilled as I love Jazz and was very interested in their archives as I am doing research on ancestors that were entertainers.

One of the first persons I met at the Institute was the Curator, Ronn Nichols.  He was sitting at his desk when I arrived.  He was very friendly and was glad that someone came in to see what holdings were in the archives.  He allowed me full access around the Art Gallery and Archives and was willing to help me find what I needed.  Of course, I only had about 45 minutes to visit, but I reassured him that I would be back within a few months and would spend more time researching.

There were listening rooms.  One could pick out an album and enjoy the various Jazz Artists of the 40's, 50's and beyond.

If you have a little time...check out my slide show.  If you need it to go a little faster, just click the arrow so it will speed up its tempo.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

There were other things I did such as being toured around by Sarah Cato.  She knew the City of St. Louis like the back of her hand.  I am hoping that she gets her tourist business up and running as I would take a tour with her any day!!!

So this is all folks...Thank you for following me on this Journey at the MAAGI!  Hope to see you next year in 2014.


  1. I watched and thoroughly enjoyed the film "42: The Jackie Robinson Story" this evening. Seems the above 21st Century "commentator" shares an age-old issue that the 1947 Philadelphia Phillies manager and spectators had. I liked the way Branch Rickey dealt with it, saying, when they have to give an account to God for their deeds, their excuses will be sadly dismissed.

    Yvette, your mini-series on MAAGI was very interesting...and especially that you got to meet Thomas! :-) It sure would be great to be able to meet next year! Who knows what the future holds?...

    1. I am looking forward to 2014 MAAGI Conference. He is a member of the staff. Hopefully I will have one of his classes this year.