Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not So Wordless Wednesday: Henry Hodge at Vashon High School (Track)

Adopted Paternal Ancestry

So, I have been back from The Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute [MAAGI] in St. Louis since Friday, July 12, 2013.  I had to really catch up on my rest and getting my life at home normalized.  I always have such proactive ideas and I always mean well, however life gets ahead of me, and I sometimes do not follow through.  

I am currently doing a few posts of my experiences at the MAAGI.  For me, it was not only informative and life changing for my career as a professional genealogist, but having the opportunity to be in St. Louis, MO was very important to me and my research of my father.  Even though St. Louis is very different than when my father lived there, it made me feel closer to him.  Not only that, but my father's best friend from St. Louis attended the same High School as my father did.  I take care of my Uncle Henry on a daily basis, and this has opened up some communication between us.

If you are following my posts of my MAAGI experience, then you would know that the "Institute" was held on the campus of Harris-Stowe State University, which is the old campus of Vashon H.S.  I make mention of this because my father and my Uncle Henry both attended Vashon and I have photos of their time on this campus.  They both left St. Louis in the Late 40's and joined the military, so a great part of their experiences and life in St. Louis was in their childhood on this very campus. 

So as I was going through some photos, I came across one of my Uncle Henry Hodge on the track field jumping hurdles with the old Vashon H.S. in the background.  So this is my highlight for the day.

Henry Hodge at Vashon H.S.
circa 1947
 It was really difficult to find the exact spot that this photo was taken, however, if you look at the photo below, you can tell that it has the similar style.  Vashon was a large building and around the back, which faces out to the street, is where many of the sports were played.  When I have an opportunity, I will try to identify the exact location.

Building of old Vashon
Currently Harris-Stowe State University
(The back)


  1. Yvette, this is WONDERFUL, and I'm still amazed that we were staying at the same location where your ancestors spent so much time. Your stories will inspire others. Ain't it funny how the ancestors work, guiding us to find amazing "coincidences?" Much love, my friend.

    1. Thank you Sweetlisa for your comments! There are moments that you know the ancestors are guiding. This really was one of those times. :-)