Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sacramento with Jamahl Hoskins and my brother Marshall in Sacramento

So here we are!  I love seeing my big brother. No matter how far away we are, we are very close. 

Here is my bro's friend Jamahl. I met him  at my brother Marshall's wedding. He is family. It looks like I am very safe with these guys around. 

So tonight we drop Tori off at UC Davis and I will join her in the morning. 

UC Davis Here We Come

We are at the San Diego International Airport ready to get on our flight.  We are excited for tomorrow's orientation at UC Davis where my youngest child Victoria will be attending in September.  

Sentimental Sunday: The Removal of Sarah Hodge

That old cemetery at Washington Park had to be dug up where old bones were sent into final resting places. Washington Park Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri was founded by businessman Andrew Henry Watson during a time when there was segregation.  It became one of the largest cemeteries in the area.  Many families have been buried here...however the airport of St. Louis wanted to develop and take over some of the area so these old bones had to be removed and re-interred.  It didn't matter that so many were buried there, it didn't matter about the history or the people.  We were not important.  Old burial places, especially those of African Americans are not respected.  Money is more important.

My Uncle Henry's parents were removed from their resting spot and placed in another area of Washington Park Cemetery.  To this day, I am unsure where in the park that Sarah Hodge, my Uncle's grandmother was buried.  Visiting St. Louis this past July and coming across Sarah's Certificate of Death made me think of her.  So I pray that she is resting peacefully and that one day I will have an opportunity to visit the park and find where she is laid to rest.  The old Cemetery is overtaken with plant life and has not been up-kept.  There are some efforts to care for Washington Park Cemetery, but so far it has been a losing battle.

Sarah Hodge  was born on November 23, 1882 in Tupelo, Mississippi and died in St. Louis, Missouri on July 11, 1954.  She was married to Sam Hodge.  Sarah's parents were Moses Simon and Martha Hunter.  Sarah and her husband lived at 2901 Washington Avenue for many years, and this was the place my uncle Henry Hodge was raised so many years ago.