Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Samuel Hodge: Not So Wordless Wednesday

Adopted Father's Best Friend: Henry Hodge's Ancestry 

Samuel Hodge
I find a sense of responsibility to preserve, and document my "Uncle" Henry's ancestry and tell the stories of a people that my Uncle disconnected himself from. Henry was my father's best friend from St. Louis, Mo.  I have little by little been able to get information from Henry about his family.  Henry left home right out of high-school and joined the Marines.  He only went back home to bury his mother when she died.  When his father died, he did not return back home.  He regretted this.

This is a photo of Henry Hodge's "Grandfather," Samuel Hodge, however Samuel and his wife Sarah adopted Henry and raised him as their own son.

Samuel was born in Alabama on 9 March 1880 and died in St. Louis Missouri on 17 June 1958.