Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Not so Wordless Wednesday: The Activists

Adopted Paternal Ancestry

Cesar Chavez, Vernon Sukumu and Walter Porter
Circa 1976
Courtesy of Conley Major

Cesar recently celebrated his birthday on March 31st.  This is the day where we celebrate the life of one of the founders of the National Farm Workers association.  Cesar was a Farm Worker, labor leader and a civil rights activist.  My father Walter Porter was an activist on many fronts.  I believe he was the NAACP President of the San Diego Chapter during this time.  Vernon Sukumu was a social activist also in the San Diego Community.


  1. Great Photo. He's a forgotten Civil Rights Leader too sometimes. Great History!

    1. He really is and he has done so much to improve the lives of the farm workers and even the domestic workers. Thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment.