Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute 2013: Day #1 Part #2

Harris Stowe State University
Old Campus of Vashon H.S.
View from my dorm

I started my first day off at the MAAGI with excitement and anticipation to learn some new things about "Being" a professional genealogist.  I have been researching and writing my family history on my blogs for at least three (3) years, and I have been following others that are of all levels in the field.  It is my goal to work full time in the field of genealogy, so I began by taking the genealogy certificate program in Genealogy Research at Boston University.  The courses were great, however, I felt I needed to do something more to ensure my success in Genealogy.  I knew MAAGI would take me to the next level in the areas of my specialty.

Being on campus, I knew I would learn some great things, but I also knew I would be fighting the urge to run out of the classroom to explore the great outdoors of St. Louis, and the campus of which we were learning on.  All I can do is laugh because I felt like I was in a big toy store trying out all the

The first day greeted us with classes such as Planning and Preparation & Introduction from Beginners to Professional, taught by Angela Y. Walton-Raji; Credentials-Is Certification Required with Lisa B. Lee; Thinking Outside of the Genealogy Box with Drusilla Pair; and Documenting the Genealogy Process with Nicka Sewell Smith.  All of the classes were informative, and I couldn't help but fill my notebook up with lots of helpful notes.  

Angela Y Walton-Raji 

Lisa B. Lee

Drusilla Pair

Now, I didn't get a photo of Nicka Sewell Smith, but I discovered that she used to live next to one of my relatives in East Carroll, Louisiana and has contact information for me.  I had been following Nicka through her blog  It was great to meet her in person.  So far my experience was excellent by learning new skills and allowing the ancestors to bring information to me.

Some of my Classmates and fellow genealogists

Day two was just as more to come.  If you didn't catch my first post go here.  MAAGI Day #1 Part #1


  1. enjoyed reading, as always !!

  2. Great overview, weren't you also in two sessions joint with the Methods and Strategies group?

    1. I was in track #4, however we did go to one of the other tracks for other classes.

  3. Planning to attend the next one. Family Reunion was the weekend of MAAGI. Loved your piece!